Name: Linnea Dahlberg-Aronsson
Born: 16-06-1988
Nationality: Sweden


Swedish: Native
English: Spoken & written

Professional experience

September 2006 - August 2007
Running a webbstudio named Webbcritter through Ung Företagsamhet durring a one year project in Falu Fri.

4 January 2009 - 31 August 2009
Bajoum Interactive - 3D graphical artist and 2D editor

2010 - 2011
Illustrator for the larp soceity Nebulosus. www.nebulosus.se


Ganemaker projects:
* Tree Accelerator by ThumbsUp studios - Concepter and prop artist for a game project for Arvika Festivalen
Here you can download the game here Remember to choose "Direct3D 9 Rendering Subsystem" when you start the game to avoid graphical clitches.

* Crude Awekening by Malicous Entertainment - Prop artist for a game project that was a remake from the Max Payne game.
-No download or trailer aviable.

Bajoum projects:
* 3D editor for the last stages of the Kadestvo game.
* Picture editor for the Mamma Mu webbsite Mammu Mu.se

* Testing the Unity gameegine for Bajoum Interactive. The task was with other trainees to recreate one Pettson and Findus game from 2D into 3D. Unity3d.com

* Test runner for the webbsite www.astridlindgren.se

* 3D modeler for the game project ***. (Due to a agremeent with Bajoum Interactive I can not say the name of the project due it has not yet been released.)

Playground Squad projects:
* Dakota James; the curse of Seth by Square Eyes studios - Lead graphical artist and monster designer.
The game's site

* Switch by Remaining Pixels - 2D artist and 3D artist on this game that was our product in the three days long competition Global Game Jam. It was also in the Swedish Game Awards competition.
The entry
The Trailer

* Dynasty of Zealots; a Legend's story by Cog Machine - Art Director, 2D artist and monster modeler on this game that was the second game project at Playground Squad.
The game's site
The Trailer

* Talon's Reach by Decent Games - 2D artist and 3D modeler on this game that was the third game project at Playground Squad.
The game's site
The Trailer

Formal Education

Social studies, Falu Fri upper secondary school, Falun (2004 - 2007)
Graphical Art, Gamemaker, Arvika (2007 - 2009)
Graphical Art, Playgroundsquad, Falun (2009 - 2011)

Software Experience

Autodesk | Maya
Autodesk | Mudbox
Adobe | Photoshop
Pixologic | Zbrush
Sony Creative Software | Vegas Pro 9 (Minor knowledge)

Additional Experience

Wide knowledge of mythology, folklore and history
Coding HTML and designing webbsites
Handcrafts; smiting, painting, wood crafting and glassblowing


Please contact me for references.

Copyright (c) Linnea D. Aronsson 2010 | linneadaronsson@hotmail.com